Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Oriental-style bathroom shelving
East meets west in this stunning monochrome bathroom. The sleek black and white decor is finished off with a ladder-style shelving unit that clears away clutter for a zen-like feel. The simple lines clash interestingly with the ornate chandelier.

Country-chic bathroom cabinet
Go for all-out country chic by investing in a vintage-style, glass-fronted cabinet for your bathroom. The dove-grey finish of this example complements the floral wallpaper perfectly, and creates a tidy area to display your favourite toiletries with pride.

Bold bathroom mirror display
For a dramatic look in your bathroom, try painting shelving in the same colour as your walls, then using them to display a collection, such as these ornate antique mirrors. Framed photographs, prints or other quirky objects such as shells would work equally as well.

Quirky bathroom shelves
Make an impact in an all-white bathroom by having fun with the shape, size and placement of shelving. These quirky step-shaped shelves make a feature out of the simple blue towels, and add some fun to a relatively simple bathroom.

Small bathroom storage area
Small bathrooms can still pack in plenty of storage! This small recessed set of shelves is tucked away but still manages to tidy away a lot of clutter. Great if you aren’t blessed with space, or for cloakrooms.

Attic bathroom storage
Make a feature out of a sloping roof in an attic bathroom with floating shelves. These three gradually sized shelves are simple, yet oh-so-effective, and follow the lines of the room perfectly.

Mosaic tiled shelves
Mosaic tiles are a great way to add interest to a wet room, but why stop at the walls? Create an impact by continuing the tiling onto the shelves. Go for tiles in a mix of natural stone colours for a calming, relaxed appeal.

Moroccan-style bathroom recess
For a Moroccan-style bathroom, add some recessed shelves above a freestanding bath – not only will they give a gorgeous glow when candles are added, they’re also great for storing toiletries within easy reach of the bathtub.

Eclectic bathroom ornaments
Display memories and trinkets at the end of your bathtub for an exotic, eclectic feel. Warm wooden shelves create a cosy feel in this traditional-style room, while bright spots of colour add interest against the neutral walls.

Mismatched bathroom shelves
Create a space for all your bathroom essentials with a shelving unit that mixes and matches the size and shape of its shelves. This cream example creates order in what would otherwise have been a busy and cluttered family bathroom. Team with a silver-toned bath and a leaning towel rack for a relaxed country feel.

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