Design Home Unique Exterior Wall Wooden

A house with a different exterior appearance created by the Hamburg-based architecture studio Splendid. The building has an area of  7750 square feet, located in the Alps from its location in Kitzbuehel, Austria. Architects have worked hard to create a modern architectural design, look to the calculation accuracy to achieve a different exterior appearance. The entire exterior wall is covered with natural wood. The house is in two volumes, namely: the volume of unity for the common room and a second volume to a private room. These two volumes connected by a glass partition on the ground floor and elevated lines on the top floor, two volumes of eye-catching building a Tyrolean local sources of timber cladded home. Dark interior, combined with bright colors purple and yellow carpet that can create an elegant contrast in the interior.

exterior wall wooden

Windows wooden wall

interior wall wooden

modern bathroom design wooden wall

the bedrooms wooden wall

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